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Picture 1 - Front Left Corner
Picture 4 - Front Right Corner
Picture 2 - Rear Left Corner
Picture 5 - Damage Straight On Shot
Picture 3 - Rear Right Corner
Picture 6 - Damage Close Up / Under Hood
Want an initial collision estimate without having to drive to our shop?

No problem! Simply email us pictures of the four corners of your vehicle plus a straight on shot and close up shots of any damage to be estimated. We ask for the six pictures seen above minimum but send as many as you like, within reason. The more the better for our estimation purposes. We also need your first and last name, year, make, model and VIN number so our computerized estimation system can find all your required parts numbers and prices. For example, in the photos below, name John Smith, year 2007, make Chevrolet, Model Silverado, VIN 1234567890123456. Make sure you get all 16 digits of your VIN number. It will be a mix of letters and numbers, 16 items total.

Email all of that to us from your smart phone, tablet or computer and we'll email you back a complete professional initial collision estimate within 24 hours on business days, Monday to Friday. Free, quick and easy. ONE initial estimate is all you need to start the claims and repair process in Oklahoma, by LAW. You do NOT have to get more than one estimate.

We use the same computer estimation system that most insurance companies use and all accept. This estimate will be an "initial" estimate and NOT complete or final in some cases, I.E. hard hits. But it will be the same initial estimate you will get from a shop and/or an insurance adjustor. This is how the process works. You get an initial estimate, choose your shop (it's your choice by LAW, don't let anyone try to tell you which shop to use, especially an insurance company), then the shop will take your car apart and supplement or add any hidden damage to your estimate and submit it to the insurance company for you. This is completely normal and the insurance company will pay for any additional damage discovered during the collision estimation and repair process. We are happy to do the paperwork for you. That's what we do, we help people. And we love it.

If your repair is a customer pay and no insurance is involved, that's fine as well, and free feel to call us anytime to discuss your estimate and repair. We have done as many customer-pay collision repairs as anyone in town over the years.

Why run around town just to get an initial estimate when you don't have to? Simple, don't. Let us give you an initial estimate via email and save you the time, trouble and expense. It's easy. Then you can choose a shop, ours or otherwise, get your car repaired, or not. It's your choice, by law. But the first step in the process is always an "initial collision estimate".

All we ask is that after you get your initial estimate you'll take the time to review our customer testimonials on this site and our customer reviews on Facebook and consider allowing us to have the honor to help repair your collision damage. Why are we unique? Because an owner-employee runs the body shop, an owner-employee runs the paint shop and an owner-employee runs the front office therefore our quality and service are second to none. That's why we offer Tulsa's Only FOREVER Warranty!TM

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